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The CrewAtlas Electronic Crew Notebook reduces costs by helping you understand where your training efforts are needed most — improving crew performance and performance standards for operational excellence.

Why Choose CrewAtlas?

Reduced Costs

Focus training on the areas most in need of improvement improving both your performance and your bottom-line.

Mitigate Risk

Holistically analyze operator and crew behaviors to correct specific performance deficiencies with “track and trend” action plans.

Simplify Crew Critiques

Reduce instructor burden with detailed reports and automated grading that provide deep insight into operator, crew and fleet performance.

Centralize Your Data

Store all of your operator and crew performance data in one, easily-accessible repository from workstations and mobile devices.

CrewAtlas Features

Inside CrewAtlas with CrewQuiz

CrewAtlas, which includes CrewQuiz, is a secure, hosted solution that provides multi-level views into training performance — from fleet-wide Operations and Training Program health to crew and individual operator performance.

We offer flexible and convenient payment options for both CrewAtlas and CrewQuiz and accept the following credit cards to help you get your digital crew notebook started quickly:


Proven to raise performance.

Noted as an industry best practice by site inspectors, CrewQuiz is an online Learning Management System that enables a higher level of interactive, computer-based training for operators acquiring or maintaining their license and for Emergency Response Organization (ERO) personnel. An integrated component of the CrewAtlas suite, CrewQuiz is also available as a stand-alone product.

Case Studies

CrewQuiz Delivers Proven Results

When it comes to a station's Emergency Planning Drill and Exercise Performance (DEP), low scores draw NRC findings and can cost your station millions of dollars in corrective actions. CrewQuiz delivers proven means to improvement low DEP scores and has been noted in multiple inspections as being an industry best practice.

Below are actual improvement metrics from two plants that faced difficult DEP challenges and quickly realized significant improvements with CrewQuiz:

Plant A
Before Crew Quiz With Crew Quiz
Ranked last of all utilities for several years Moved into upper 3rd Quartile (in less than 1 year)
94.5% 2-year rolling average Raised 2-year rolling average to 96.1% in less than 1-year
Had a formal Corrective Action to raise DEP Exceeded Calendar Year goal of 96% by achieving 97.7%.
Plant B
Before Crew Quiz With Crew Quiz
Consistently ranked bottom of 4th Quartile with DEP performance of all utilities Improved to lower second quartile
93.9% calendar year DEP average Raised DEP from 93.9% to 97.6% (in less than one year)
Had a formal corrective action to analyze root cause of poor DEP Ranked #1 in DEP for this plant's fleet

CrewAtlas Breaks the IT Barrier

The CrewAtlas delivery model frees both you and your IT group from many of the common obstacles associated with software procurement and ownership.

A Faster Path to Risk Mitigation and Compliance

An automated, real-time view into crew performance not only improves your ability to identify problems, but increases the velocity with which those problems can be corrected.

What You Don't Know Can Cost You

With costs estimated at $500,000, it is expensive to matriculate an operator candidate through initial license training. And that is if the candidate succeeds in the first pass.

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